There is no painting more magical, more intriguing to me than Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I have never seen the real one. Just images in books and videos. In Art school, you have to study Van Gogh even if it’s just touch and go. I understood his Art better after I read about how tragic his life was but, the best moment of contemplation that I had with this work was before I even knew who painted it.

I think that spoke a lot about what a powerful painter Van Gogh was. The work he did was so impressive, so immersive that you did not have to know the artist or what the story behind the work was in order to be awed by it.

Anyway, when I first saw this painting, I had the desire or need to do something like it. I could feel the brushstrokes with my eyes, the thickness of the paint…

When I started to use oil paint, I imagined the smell of the paint that Van Gogh used.

The colours… Were so simple and limited and yet so powerfully used that you just had to stare at it, as though looking for something but not knowing what that something is and yet finding bits of it along the way.

Its sad to know that Van Gogh died without any money. Not many people took his work seriously. Yet, he still pushed on. Doing what he believed in.

What paintings or Art piece left a huge impression on you?

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