Welcome to Artyfaz! This site is for me to share my love or the teaching of visual arts to the world. A little bit of bio about myself. I have had the opportunity to teach visual arts in schools all over Singapore. I have interacted with all sorts of students, (even prison inmates) and in doing so have noticed how learning to draw, paint or sculpt, can help individuals to realise their potential and capabilities that they never knew they had.

But… learning the Arts can be expensive. Let me give you a breakdown.

I took my 3 year diploma at a cost of $10 000.00

That does not include materials for all those 3 years, cost of food, transport and any other stuff that I may need.

I took my degree at $20 000.00.

Also not included are the costs of transport, ,materials etc.

And nowadays in Singapore and I bet all over the world parents are realizing what an education in the creative Arts can do for their child. But, it is expensive. Most Art centres charge $200.00 per month for a 2 hour lesson per week. So then I got to thinking and felt REALLY frustrated.

Is an Art education or any education for that matter only available to those who can afford it? What can I do to combat that?

You see when I taught in schools, there are always a bunch of kids who are the so called troublemakers. They don’t study academic subjects well but they are creative. They also are the ones whom mostly come from poor families. What I discovered was that when teaching these kids, after they see that they can do well in Art, they get uplifted. Their morale and self worth shoot up. Basically they are no longer the losers in the academic river. They can do something that the academically inclined cannot do or cannot do as well.

Yup, I have seen on numerous occasions how learning the visual arts or any kind of Art form can impact a person greatly. You see, children, they need us adults to show them how they can bring out the best in themselves. They need our encouragement but most of all we need to show them their wondrous abilities and limitless potential.

For example, if a child is unable to do math, that does not mean that he or she is stupid. It just means that we as their parents or educators need to try and find that trigger in them that will fire up their enthusiasm in regards to a particular subject.

We all learn differently.

What can learning the visual arts do for the individual, especially children? Well here are some points that I have picked up as a visual arts instructor:

I believe that:

a) as Art educators we are to help our charges achieve creativity and to think on their feet and outside of the box,
b)to help them build their confidence through honing their ability in the creative Arts
c) to facilitate problem solving as being able to solve problems in their Artistic works will impact their personal lives and instil a go getter attitude
d) to help them build perseverance in regards to problem solving
e) we are to help them build the ability to focus which is a core value that will help them in all parts of their lives
f) assist them in developing their communicative skills, non verbal or verbal
g) we are also responsible in their reception of feedback and how to deal with both negative and positive ones
h) the Arts can be a discipline that instil in students the collaborative spirit, to work together and share
I) learning the Arts will also instil in the students the need to be dedicated and to follow through and not give up at the first sign of difficulty
j) in the learning of the Arts, they are also to learn how their Art might be perceived and how its effects their viewers. With so many vulgar and distasteful Art produced each day and fed to the masses, students must learn that they can and will be held accountable for what they produce.
The last point to me is really important. The internet and the mass media is filled with information that as parents or educators, we would want to protect our charges from. But we cant do that all the time. Therefore being able to judge by themselves what is good and bad and learning how to be responsible for what they put out there can really help shape the individual.
If you don’t believe me, try this out with your child, nephew baby cousin little brother, whoever that you think may benefit from this. Its all FREE HERE ON MY SITE.
Yes if you can afford it and you think you need it and want to invest, I will have some materials out that you can purchase and I will also link merchandise or courses that I feel you can benefit from after I go through them. BUT! Most of my materials are free here and also on my Youtube channel Artyfaz.

So if you are interested in the Arts and want to start drawing or painting, this is the place for you. I won’t be teaching advance methods yet. But as this site grows I will add whatever material I feel is relevant.
That’s all I want to share for now. In this site you will find updates on my teaching curriculum and activities that you can do with your child or student or on your own. Knowledge that is not shared, is a knowledge gone.
See ya!